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Detox Spa packages

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We are pleased to offer a new Detox Spa Services using Arbonne Sea Source Detox products.  It's very important to cleanse and detox our body from head to toe. Now you too can experience the health benefits at home or  in our spa.





Why Detoxify?

Detoxification supports the body's natural
ability to cleanse and restore itself. Over time, toxins can build up and overwhelm the body, weakening the immune system and leading to:

· Fatigue
· Stress
· Poor digestion
· Skin disorders or breakouts
· Stiffness, aches and pains
· Weight gain
· Premature aging

 When your energy levels are low, your body aches and your mind is drained, it is time to purify your body. SeaSource Detox Spa products tap into the riches of the sea to help support the body's natural ability to regenerate and purify itself, by helping to rid it of the chemicals you ingest through food and air - and feel cleaner and healthier than ever. 

Express Detox-




30 min Foaming Sea Salt Scrub & Shower-This mild body buffer lathers into a rich foam as it gently exfoliates the skin's surface, releasing toxins and increasing microcirculation.

  Detoxifing Resue Body wash-Gentle, purifying formula protects against free-radical damage and lays down a protective moisture barrier on the skin's surface.

30 min Aqua Chi Ionic Foot Bath- Stimulates the major organs of the body to let go of toxins, heavy metals and reenergize the 

Package    1session  $ 105




 Body Detox-  Duration 2hours    Spa Detox package  $ 139  

 60 min Aloe Vera Herbal body wrap-Set-N-Me-Free inch loss program is a method of taking off inches and tightening skin in just one hour.  It involves wrapping the body with cotton cloth that has been soaked in our all-natural Aloe Vera and Herb solution.  It is perfectly safe, healthful, and very relaxing.  It works by breaking down fat and flushing toxins away.  The cloth wraps are applied warm so the pores will open, allowing the solution to get down into the fat deposits.


Stimulate the body to  let go of  toxins  through lymphatic system and  reduce cellulite. Lose 2-11 inches per wrap.




 60 min Detox Massage-Using Enriched oil-infused formula with stimulating ingredients that help remove toxins and soothe skin with nourishing minerals.

      Buy 3 packages $389/ three massages/three 1hour body wraps

Skin care Detox- 1hour  Aloe herbal facial and Herbal Body wrap $139 

60 min Aloe Vera Herbal body wrap-Stimulate the body to  let go of  toxins  through lymphatic system and  reduce cellulite. Lose 2-11 inches per wrap

While wrapped get a 45 min Aloe vera Hydrating Facial * no extractions

 Buy 3 in package $490`Three wraps and three facials

Must be done at same time

30 min Sea Salt Body Scrub, Detox massage,Detox Sauna.   


Spa Detox-  Duration 90 mins   

20 min Detox Sauna/Shower- Stimulate the body to  let go of  toxins and  reduce cellulite. Shower with Detox Rescue


30 min Sea Salt Body Scrub, Detox massage,Detox Sauna.   

60 min Detox massage/scrub/sauna  $135 per person

90 min Detox massage/scrub/sauna   $ 155 per person

                              * Using Sea source Detox spa products in your treatment

                           *  18% Gratuity will be added to service

                                * Not valid with any other promotions

                           Book Two appointments at same time with two therapists