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HB Wellness Group  Huntington Beach

HB Wellness Group has formed after many years of great relationships of like minded health professionals. Each one brings knowledge and expertise to their profession. When you visit anyone of our partners in our group you get dedication and can put trust in us to help you reach your goals for better health, less stress and better living. 

Dr. Stefanie Bennett, Acupuncturist & Functional Medicine

Dr Stefanie BennettDr. Stefanie Bennett has a passion for helping people live a life of optimal wellness and that is what makes her one of best partners. She has master’s in oriental medicine and herbology from South Baylo University and PhD from American Liberty University in Los Angeles. Stefanie’s practice is set apart by the fact that she has worked within a multidisciplinary group, side by side with internists. She believes in co-management (open dialogue) with MDs and frequently receives referrals from Internal medicine, Pain Management, Neurologist, GI specialist and other types of MDs.

She specializes in treating the side effects of cancer treatments, GI problems, fertility issues and stroke patients, as well as chronic pain and other types of injuries. She has been in practice for 10 years and is conveniently located just a mile away from our Wellness Center in Fountain Valley. We encourage you to make an appointment right away to see how she might benefit your wellness goals.

Dr. Matthew Ormond, Chiropractor & Kinesiologist

Dr Matthew OrmondDr. Matthew Ormond is one of two Doctors in the state of California certified in Chiro plus Kinesiology. Chiro plus Kinesiology is a unique approach that allows the practitioner to locate the source of pain and to correct it. Dr. Ormond has spent much of his time working with sports injury and has an extensive knowledge of kinesiology (the way our bodies coordinate movement). This provides him with a unique perspective on injury and on pain. He sees the role of Chiropractic is to help the body to recover from injury by restoring damaged muscles and joints to their proper position and strength. People are amazed by how good they can feel when their bodies are free from structural and nerve damage.

Dr. Ormond is affiliated with the Browkaw Blazers Track & Field, a national team that develops elite athletes, and is fortunate to spend much of his time studying and working on these athletes. For many years now, this approach has helped many people to live pain free and perform at a high level. Dr. Ormond takes great satisfaction in helping people return to their passion as he spends time with each patient to ensure a rapid recovery. He is confident that we can live both pain free and productive lives.

Jonathan and Tammy Yu – Yubfit

YubfitYuBfit Fitness provides a fun and unique personal training experience for fastest results suitable for all levels.

Located in Huntington Beach, YuBfit is a boutique personal training and Group TRX Training Gym…and we LOVE what we do! Our mission is to create a fitness program for all levels that is not only unique and fun, but will give our clients the best results in less time.

We aim to Educate, Inspire, and Guide our clients to make their body a fat burning machine. With the right coaching and training we believe anyone can achieve their fitness and weight loss dreams!

Visit the YuBFit website!

Nikki Harris

Nikki HarrisWhen your life feels out of balance it is difficult to focus. To focus on your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This is like trying to stand on one leg and waving your arms to remain in place. Being OUT of balance is often a result of outside influences such as toxic relationships, alcoholism,eating disorders, depression, unemployment, divorce, mid-life hormone changes,career changes, etc. When your life is IN balance you are centered and calm, focused and serene and able to communicate clearly and make decisions with confidence and clarity.When I sit with a client and they share their feelings, secrets, hurts, anger, or fears in regards to these experiences in their lives be it past, present or future,I feel my task as your therapist is to listen and fully understand you. To ask you questions that enable you to get to the core of your struggles deep inside and work your way back up to the top. Back to your authentic SELF. Back IN balance.

Life is a challenge, no doubt- and therapy is a tool in the toolbox of life meant to assist your transformation to a more balanced and peaceful self. I have been helping clients deal with their life challenges for over 7 years here in Orange County. I have worked with women and the special needs of women in dealing with addiction/recovery, menopause, mid- life changes, divorce, eating disorders, alcoholism and self esteem issues, career changes, etc. I have also worked with troubled teens in a police supported program. As well as individual adults and families coping with divorce, unemployment, homelessness, domestic violence and mental illness in a non profit clinic.

I have lived in Orange County for over 25 years. I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years in a fortune 500 company. I am married and have a teenage son and a grown stepdaughter. I also have over 30 years experience in a variety of 12-step programs.

Feel free to visit my website or make an appointment with me at 714.553.1517.

Meybel Nguyen

Meybel NguyenMeybel has a passion for understanding and working with the skin. Her education comes from Paul Mitchel Skin Academy. She is a licensed esthetician with over 10 years of experience working in the medical and spa environments. She is fully qualified to help with your essential skin care needs.

Maintence of our skin is so crucial to our everyday lives that healthy skin defintely plays a huge part in our health, confidence, and happiness. Our skin is our largest organ and is the protective covering of the body and is the infrastructure that supports all basic life to all of the body parts and plays a major role in maintaining the immune system. Our skin inevitably tells a story about who we are, so let our skin show how confident, young, and healthy we are. Meybel can help keep your skin feelng vigorous and full of youth.

Samantha Guzman

Samantha GuzmanI have been into natural therapies and herbs my whole life. I have been a licensed massage therapist for 15 yrs and doterra independent consultant for 2years. I specialize in deep tissue, pregnancy massage, thai, a shiatsu a Massage done with my feet and symphony of cell treatments with massage. I love helping people feel better and I feel rewarded when I get clients better with natural remedies. My VIP membership is most affordable program and I also accept some insurance patients if find me listed as provider Samantha Guzman or Healing Horizons. Call me for apt at – Located at 17672 Beach Blvd Ste E, Huntington Beach